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Top Educational Toys for Different Age Groups

Dec 28,2023 | Ducks N Crafts Pte Ltd.

               Educational toys can be a game-changer in enhancing your kids’ learning at home by paving the way for a hands-on and fun approach to education. As our little ones are at the age where they absorb knowledge like a sponge, educational toys are the secret to nurturing their growth and development in the comfort of their home. So, which educational toys exactly can be beneficial for your kids at their age? In this blog post, let us explore the most recommended educational toys for your kids at different ages.


Preschoolers (3 to 5 years old)

  1. Building blocks

Colorful and versatile building blocks can pave the way for your 3-to-5-year-old to develop their spatial awareness, creativity, and fine motor skills. Your kids can explore and play with different colors, shapes, and basic construction principles while having fun.


  1. Puzzles

Promote your child’s cognitive skills through basic, large, and easy-to-grip puzzle pieces. This kind of activity is a fun way to enhance your kid’s problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, as well as their cognitive abilities by challenging their minds to match shapes and patterns.


  1. Art supplies

It is never too early for art! Through crayons, markers, brushes, and different art supplies, your child can foster their fine motor skills and creativity. These tools also allow them to express themselves through artistic means and engage in sensory play.

Develop your children’s skills and build their knowledge through play! You can browse or shop for educational toys for preschoolers here


School-Aged (5 to 8 years old)

  1. STEM Toys

STEM kits such as basic science kits, engineering sets, DIY electronics, and more can open kids’ interest to STEM by engagingly introducing its concepts through educational STEM toys and kits.


We curated a list of STEM toys for you to explore and start your kid’s learning journey. Check out our STEM Toys Collection here


  1. Educational Apps or Games

Another engaging way to promote your kid's growth is through educational apps or games. An example of this is card games that involve strategy, problem-solving, math, language, or science, which promote cognitive skills and social interaction.


  1. Reading and Writing Tools

Books, activity sets, and journals can hook your kids with their stories and numerous ventures to take. This kind of pastime encourages reading comprehension and writing skills.


Let’s begin helping our kids learn the fun way! You can start by exploring our wide collection of educational toys for 5 to 8-year-olds here


Tweens (Above 8 years old)

  1. Advanced STEM Kits

STEM kits that explore advanced science concepts, chemistry, robotics, and more allow your children to delve deep into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, enabling them to get familiar with the concepts in a fun and engaging way.


  1. Art and Crafts Kits

Arts and crafts kits are a creative way to develop or spark creative interest and nurture self-expression. This can be a fun pastime activity for your kids, enhancing their creativity along the way.


Looking for arts and crafts kits for your kids? Explore our list of arts and crafts activities here that you and your kids can enjoy! 



  1. Educational Board Games

Board games that focus on topics such as history, finances, geography, or complex problem-solving help enhance knowledge while providing entertainment. It can be a fun way to be social with other kids while learning different kinds of subjects.


Different age groups require different levels and different kinds of educational toys to keep them entertained while learning. Combining learning while playing creates fosters a good environment for children to retain information, helping them build skills and expand their knowledge.