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How Arts and Crafts can Benefit your Children for Life

Mar 29,2024 | Ducks N Crafts Pte Ltd.

Did you know that arts and crafts can set your children towards success? From those messy art projects and pasting stickers to drawing patterns, these all contribute to building creativity in children that lasts even to adulthood.

The International Review of Education (2020) backed the importance of arts and crafts in the educational experience of children, where a study involving high-achieving college (university) students showed that STEM majors who had more arts and crafts experience as a child tend to be more creative compared to others. These STEM majors are also associated with entrepreneurship and creating patentable inventions. Furthermore, they also exhibited resilience and possess a more positive self-concept, which implies having better confidence.


Arts and Crafts Recommendations

This study emphasizes the lifelong impact of arts and crafts on kids. That’s why adding arts and crafts to your kids’ activities that enable them to be creative can be a great option to not only beat boredom but also set them up for success.

We recommend the following arts and crafts activity kits that allow your kids to be creative:


  1. Avenir Scratch Art Book


This scratch art kit enables your kids to be creative with the patterns and designs they make as they scratch to color animal and space landscapes. Customizing and making different patterns enhances their creativity!


Grab your Avenir Scratch Art Book now!

  1. Avenir My First Quilling Art

Create beautiful pictures by quilling! This craft kit includes all tools and materials needed for your kids to roll, loop, curl, twist or fold colorful paper stripes practice their hand-eye coordination!


Check out Avenir My First Quilling Art here!


  1. Foil Art Kit

Diversify your kid’s arts and crafts activities with this foil art kit. Peel off a section and transfer foil on top to construct holographic foil art!


You can order foil art kits online here!


  1. Avenir Scratch Art with Fuzzy Sticks

Turn your scratch art into 3D decorations. This kit includes 4 different animal scratch art sheets and fuzzy sticks for a new arts and crafts experience.


Check out Avenir Scratch Art with Fuzzy Sticks here!