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How to get kids interested in STEM

Jan 23,2024 | Ducks N Crafts Pte Ltd.

Have you ever witnessed your kids’ eyes spark as they build towers out of blocks, their long curiosity about certain concepts, and excitement with discovering how things work? These are small seeds of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) where endless possibilities and discoveries stem from. So how do we encourage our little ones to step into this realm?


Here are how you can ignite your child’s interest in STEM:


  1. Embrace the “Why?”

You may have heard your kids ask questions like “Why is the sky blue?” “How do airplanes fly?” “Why do volcanoes erupt?” Create a safe space and encourage them to explore their “whys” and help them find answers through research, exploration, or even observation.


  1. STEM to Everyday Life

Demonstrate the importance of STEM and how it is woven into our daily lives. Cooking and baking involve chemistry and math, playing with the ball involves physics, and playing video games requires coding and problem-solving. Point out the connections of our mundane lives to STEM and help them see its wonders and relevance to their world.


  1. Go Outside and Explore!

Nature is filled with opportunities to learn about STEM! Go on nature walks, observe insects, stargaze, and more. Make it interactive by asking questions about the weather, the changing seasons, and their thoughts about creatures that they have seen during walks.


  1. Turn STEM into playtime

Learning should not be a chore, especially for our little ones. So, let’s turn learning about STEM into a fun playtime! Build volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar, create DIY rockets, and try on different risk-free chemistry experiments!


You can find science and chemistry kits here on our page!


  1. Celebrate and Recognize STEM Heroes

Free Photograph of a Child Reading a Book with Her Father Stock Photo

Introduce your child to inspiring scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and inventors through storytelling! You can also watch documentaries or visit museums together as a family outing.


  1. Let them Tinker and Build

Free Concentrated multiethnic children in casual clothes watching in microscope  while studying together Stock Photo

Make STEM-related toys easily accessible for your kids. Toys like blocks, kid’s chemistry kits, DIY cars, and more enable your kids to explore different STEM concepts as they play developing their interest in it! You can also join them and make their STEM journey inclusive to the whole family!


You can check our wide list of kid-friendly STEM products here to help your kids learn STEM while having fun!


  1. Make STEM Fun with Technology!

Educational apps, games, and online resources can be a great way for STEM learning. You can also take on an innovative approach to learning by adopting augmented reality (AR) games for your children!


Learning about STEM and fostering kids’ interest in it can be beneficial in helping them navigate through this era dominated by technological advancements. But we can always make it a fun and engaging experience for our children, filled with adventures and memorable moments with the family. By nurturing their natural curiosity and providing them with the right tools and opportunities, we can help them unlock their full potential and become the innovators and problem-solvers of tomorrow.