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How can I help my children learn to draw: Fun and easy drawing activities for children

Mar 05,2024 | Ducks N Crafts Pte Ltd.

Kid drawing

Nurturing creativity in kids is essential and will come in handy for them even in adulthood. It allows them to explore themselves, practice their imagination, and enhance their fine motor skills, and even boost their confidence. So, how can we encourage children to embark on this journey?


Setting the Stage for Artistic Exploration

Close-Up Shot of a Kid Coloring

               First, let us create a supportive and inspiring environment for children to be creative:

  1. Art Space. Create a space in the house for making art. Add a comfortable chair and table, readily accessible art supplies, and more.
  2. Embracing the Art Process. Focus on the joy of making art. Remember that art is all about the process not the outcome.
  3. Positive Reinforcement. Make sure to accompany your child with positive reinforcements such as words of support and acts of encouragements to keep them going.
  4. Diversify their art activities. Don’t just settle for one art activity. Diversify them! Below, we created a list of art activities that you can make accessible for your children, to help them learn how to draw.


Art activities to help your child learn how to draw

Activities to help kids learn how to draw

Apart from the usual paper, pencil, and crayons, make different kinds of art activities easily accessible to your kids to help them learn not only how to draw but also enjoy the process of making art. These art activities recommendations range from making patterns to coloring to enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination and artistic skills!


  1. Avenir Magic Water Painting

To aid your child in drawing, start by helping them build their fine motor skills! For your 3 to 5-year-olds, try this Avenir Magic Water Painting kit! A mess-free coloring book with 6 reusable coloring surfaces that not only can help your child’s hand-eye coordination but can also help them learn about colors, in a mess-free way.


Check out Avenir Magic Water Painting here!


  1. Avenir Mini Scratch Book

Encourage your child to learn how to make beautiful patterns through scratch art! Avenir Mini Scratch Book is the perfect art activity for your little ones to stay motivated as they reveal vibrant colors as they scratch the surface to make intricate patterns!


Learn more about Avenir Mini Scratch Book here!


  1. Avenir Scratch Art Joint Puppet

How about leveling up your kids’ scratch art game by turning them into puppets? The Avenir Scratch Art Joint Puppet is a perfect kit for your children to make cute puppets out of their scratch art. A combined arts and crafts activity that not only helps your child learn how to draw objects and patterns but also helps them visualize and turn them into 3D puppets!


Check out Avenir Scratch Art Joint Puppet here!


  1. Batik Painting Traditional Art with Organic Dyes

Improve the precision of your children in drawing and coloring by making traditional Batik Paintings! This kit let your children be aware of the beautiful history and origin of batik painting and also make one themselves.


Choose from a wide range of animals and places that your kids can do with Batik Painting Traditional Art with Organic Dyes here!


  1. Canvas Art Medium

For a more advanced route, challenge your child’s artistic skills by painting on canvas with this medium Canvas Art kit. This kit includes a pre-drawn image, paint, and decorations to improve your kids’ hand-eye coordination as they color and make intricate drawings with this kit!


Check out Canvas Art Medium here!