Singapore's First Weekly Online Craft Workshop for Kids


29 Nov 2020 to 26 Dec 2020

Every Saturday in December, 1000hrs to 1130hrs


School Holiday Workshops. Friendly and Experienced Instructor. Materials provided. Conducted Online. Lots of Fun!


Workshop #1: Make Your Own Board Game (29 Nov 2020)

craft board game snakes and ladders

Join us for this live online craft workshop where we will teach you to make a board game inspired by the classic Snakes and Ladders! 

Workshop #2: First Aid Kit (05 Dec 2020)

craft first aid kit box kids

Learn about emergency preparedness while doing art and craft! Join us in this workshop as we teach you how to make your own first aid kit that you can keep in your house.


Workshop #3: Coin Bank (12 Dec 2020)

craft coin bank colourful

Saving money can be fun, especially if you made the coin bank yourself! Join us in this workshop where we will teach you to make a customized animal coin bank with a secret door to take out your money (don't worry, we won't tell anyone!). 

Workshop #4: Christmas Card (19 Dec 2020)

craft christmas card 3D pop-up for kids

Christmas is fast approaching! What better way to show your love to your family and friends during this holiday season, than to make a card for them with your own hands! Join us in this workshop as we go teach you how to make a 3D pop-up card, that you can give to your loved ones just in time for the holiday season.


Workshop #5: Sneaker Pencil Case (26 Dec 2020) 

craft pencil case sneaker

It's almost time to go back to school! Show everyone that your holiday was well spent doing art and crafts, by bring your very own handmade pencil case on your first day back at school!



Usual Price: $45.60 for Workshops #2 to #5
craft workshops online for kids

Best Deal this School Holiday! Save on shipping costs and further discounts and grab all the craft packs for the workshops in December. Even if you miss the Saturday live workshop, you're free to review the recordings and craft anytime!


Arts and crafts are great activities for kids to express their creativity and use their imagination. They also help kids learn how to focus, be patient and persevere. As they go through the workshops, they will learn how to follow instructions promptly and gain self-confidence. 

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Gift the Joy of Crafting this School Holiday

Ducks & Crafts is proud to be one of the pioneers in Singapore to provide online art and craft workshops for both private and corporate events, to share the joy of handicrafts with our customers in the safety and comfort of their homes. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about how you can work with us for your next online events, or click the below button to join us for the workshops we have planned for you!


Usual Price: $45.60 for Workshops #2 to #5



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I need to prepare any materials prior to joining the craft workshop session?

Most of the materials required will already be included in the craft pack. In order to keep the prices of the packages as affordable as they are, you might be required to prepare some basic tools that are easily found in your homes, such as scissors, glue, colouring material, etc.

If you are not sure about what you need to prepare, you can always refer to our workshop page, or refer to the material list which is included in your craft pack.


2. What if I missed the cut-off timing to purchase the craft pack?

Fret not! While you might not be able to join us live, as you are unlikely to receive the craft material in time, you will still be able to purchase the craft pack. Once you do receive the craft pack, just come by our website and join us by accessing our video recording of the session. It'll be just as fun, we promise!


3. Do I need to receive any login credentials in order to join in the workshop?

Nope you don't need to wait for any special login credentials. Our workshops are free for anyone to join, whether you are a paying customer, or just curious about the concept. 

You can access the sessions anytime via these links:

Zoom -

Facebook Live -


4. What if I just want to view the workshop without making any purchase? So that I can decide if I would want to join the next session.

Please feel free to join us! You can access our workshop freely via the links in Point 3.


5. Since the sessions will be recorded and uploaded online, what should I do if I do not wish to be seen in the recording?

While its fun to do craft together with friends, some of us might be a little camera shy, and that's totally fine! If you do not wish to be featured in our workshop, simply just turn off your video (if you are joining via Zoom). Please also note that, by turning your camera on, you agree to be featured in our video recording of the session, which might be used for subsequent marketing and promotional videos by Ducks & Crafts.


6. I would like to join multiple sessions of the online craft workshop. Will I receive any special benefits?

Definitely! You will automatically receive a 10% discount for purchases of 3 or more online craft workshop packs. Furthermore, you will enjoy savings on delivery costs, as the craft material will be sent to you all at once, instead of through multiple deliveries.


Usual Price: $45.60 for Workshops #2 to #5