Craft Pack for Online Workshop! - 12 December 2020 - Make Your Own Ketupat Coin Bank!

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Make Your Own Coin Bank

Saving money can be fun, especially if you make the coin bank yourself! Join us in this workshop where we will teach you to make a customised colourful ketupat coin bank.


Instructions for joining:

Step 1: Purchase this package by 8 December 2020 11.59PM (this is to allow for sufficient time for the package to be sent over to you). The package will include all materials required for this workshop. However you will need to prepare some basic equipment of your own.

Step 2: Wait to receive your package by registered post. Tracking number will be provided

Step 3: Receive and check your package with the material list provided. If there are any missing items, please get in touch with us ASAP!

Step 4: Join us at the designated date and time for the live workshop! 

Step 5: Missed the session? Fret not! You can still participate in the workshop by accessing the video recording of our workshop via our website.


Workshop Details


The workshop has already been conducted. Join us via a recording of the workshop here:


Materials provided

- Construction paper (assorted colours) with guide lines

- Paper tub container with lid


Participants are required to prepare:

- 1 pair of scissors

- 1 glue stick

- Some transparent tape

- Colouring material (e.g. colour pencils, crayons, markers)