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How do I make my child want to learn: Spark your kid’s curiosity with “awe”

Mar 14,2024 | Ducks N Crafts Pte Ltd.

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Have you ever witnessed a child's eyes widen with wonder as they watched a video or gasp in amazement at a mind-blowing science experiment? That sense of awe – a feeling of wonder and amazement – is a powerful tool that can be harnessed to ignite a lifelong love of learning in kids.


A recent study by researchers at the Rutgers University, explored the connection between awe and children's intrinsic motivation to learn. The study found that children who experienced awe were more likely to be curious, ask questions, and engage deeply with learning experiences.


So, how can you use awe to spark a passion for learning in your own child? Here are a few tips:


  1. Embrace Everyday Awe

Awe doesn't require elaborate outings or expensive resources. Point out the wonders of the natural world, like the intricate details of a flower or the vastness of the ocean. Even everyday activities can be awe-inspiring – baking a cake can showcase the science of chemistry, while building a blanket fort fosters creativity and imagination.


  1. Let Curiosity Be Your Guide

Follow your child's lead and explore their interests. If they're fascinated by dinosaurs, visit a natural history museum or read books about prehistoric creatures. If they love building things, take them to a hardware store or let them tinker with old toys.


  1. Ask Open-Ended Questions

Instead of simply providing information, ask questions that encourage critical thinking and exploration. "What do you think makes the sky blue?" or "How do you think this machine works?" can spark meaningful conversations and ignite a desire to learn more.


  1. Spark Awe Through STEM Activities

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) offer countless opportunities to cultivate awe and wonder. Conduct simple experiments at home, build a model volcano, or explore the night sky with a telescope.


Here are some specific STEM products that can spark awe in children:


  • Buki France Mega Glow and Fluo

Conduct up to 15 experiments that glow in the dark with your kids! Multiple risk-free activities in 1 kit to create that “awe” moment in kids.


Check out Buki France Mega Glow and Fluo here!


  • Buki France Rocket Science

A DIY rocket kit, where kids can learn how to build one and how to make it soar to the skies. What made the rocket fly? How could we make it soar higher? Let’s find it with your kids using this STEM kit!


Grab your DIY rocket kit here!


  • Buki France Wizard Chemistry

You can level up your child’s chemistry and learning experience by conducting experiments in a cauldron with this kit! They can learn about colors and amazing chemical reactions.


Check out Buki France Wizard Chemistry here!


  • Buki France Chemistry 75 Experiments

This chemistry set enables your kids to conduct up to 75 experiments, for a fun and endless learning that can leave them in awe! You can perform these risk-free learning with your kids using only common household products like salt, vinegar and flour!


Check out Buki France Chemistry 75 Experiments here!


  • Buki France Explosive Science

Discover explosive but safe chemical reactions in 15 different experiments! This can be a fun outdoor activity for you and your kids to learn more about different chemical reactions.


Check out Buki France Explosive Science here!


By incorporating awe into your child's learning experiences, you can help them develop a love of learning that will stay with them for a lifetime. Remember, the most important ingredient is your own enthusiasm and curiosity. As you share your own sense of wonder with your child, you'll be creating a foundation for a lifelong journey of discovery and exploration.